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Big Goddess Energy

The Re-Birth 

Coaching programs explore how to unpack the wounded feminine and effectively cultivate peace and presence wholeheartedly.


You learn how to navigate a deeper connections within and the world around you. 


Coaching is best suited for women who want to stop suppressing and rejecting her femininity or struggles with self- doubt and fear. Through coaching and community you gain a healthy sense of self and the freedom to be who you are meant to be. 

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The Process

When we lean too much into the extremes of one energy and suppress the other we create unrest within that can later manifest what we do not want. Thankfully, at any stage of your life you can choose to do things differently.


What is stopping you from embracing your power and fulfilling your purpose? A mentorship that is tailored to your needs provides effective strategies for identifying the messaging within your body's signals, reconnecting to your intuitive voice for better outcomes and creating more conscious universal dialogue that attracts more of what you really want. 

It's time to start growing in trust with your process.

You've made it this far. Don't stop now because it's getter better..

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Choose Your Experience

Let's activate your magic.

Image by Benjamin Voros

Cosmic Tune-Up

60 min consultation with suggestions on how to remedy & attune to your personal power based on the placement of your natal moon sign 


Reframing Intimacy

3-week group coaching intensive to redefine intimacy, uproot emotional blocks, effectively  communicate your love language foster healthy connections + learn the art of receiving pleasure 


Nourishing Femininity

12-week 1:1 coaching to deepen self-trust, nourish, accept, honor, awaken your inner feminine and allow yourself to express your light 

Frequently Asked Questions


What would you like to know? Depending on what your most pressing issue is at the moment you can certainly benefit from a COSMIC TUNE-UP. For more relationship focused healing REFRAMING INTIMACY may be helpful. If you are ready to unpack and bask in your femininity consider NOURISHING FEMININITY for the support you need to experience the joy that you want. 


If you have been questioning life lately... or if you are finally sick and tired of being sick and tired then come on. You're ready to fortify your roots and receive what you have been waiting for. 

The Realignment Experience  Your Soul Is Craving

Sis, what are you waiting for? Choosing you is the best decision you will ever make. Be fearless. Be free. Be you.

How To Get Started


Take the first step by filling out the inquiry form below. You'll recieve a reply within 24-48 business hours with an invitation to a discovery call.


On this 30 min call we discuss your goals and how we can assist you.

*Discovery calls are coaching packages only.


If you decide we are a good fit you will be sent an invitation to secure your spot for next round  in the program.

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