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You are invited to reconnect to the natural cycles of the moon to affect deeper change within your own moon cycles and phases. Use this journal to track the monthly transits of the moon strengthen her potent energy within you.

This calendar includes monthly transits, weekly devotional practices, daily affirmations and suggested ritual baths and activities to enhance your feminine energy and strengthen your intuition.


Tap into the divine mother's guidance and activate your own magick!

  • Suggested Full Moon & New Moon Rituals to better align with the energy for the month 

  • Set your intentions for each lunar month

  • Illuminate your journey with journal prompts to heal feminine wounding

  • Moon tracker to track your intimate monthly cycle with the moon

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Hey, I'M Anusa

It takes courage to to go after your dreams and radical change and self acceptance to maintain it. I know the struggle and I understand.


Just so you know, you have my support. 


~Anusa Aq Neh-Ti

Founder, Holistic Coach  

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