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SELF LOVE X Unpacked 

Embody Self Love. Learn powerful tools & strategies to activate your inherent gifts and fulfill your purpose

Learn best practices and gain valuable skills and techniques to reconnect to yourself, rediscover your life purpose and cultivate a life of abundance. 

This course provides you with mindfulness tools and therapeutic practices to unpack your past, reconnect to your authentic self, reframe limiting beliefs and empower yourself through holistic self love and self compassion. 

Join now to get started.

Enrollment opens Summer 2023

This Course Will Help:

  • You gain re-parenting skills to nurture and support yourself emotionally and physically

  • You get tools and techniques  to move through forgiveness so you can find purpose in your experiences

  • You get to add tips for adding structure and time management skills so you can build resistance that transfers into coping skills through multiple challenges

  • You will gain insight on the psychology of what creates long- term change so you can create long lasting in your life

  • You will learn how to connect to yourself and others on a deeper level

  • You will increase your magnetism so you can attract more of what you want out of life

  • You become a guide and support to others through your experience, new perspectives  and more heart centered approach