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New Moon in Cancer

Updated: Apr 18

According to the sky, in Vedic astrology the moon is still in Gemini. It will transit to Cancer on June 30th.

As many of us already know, Cancer is ruled by the Moon. The Moon is very influential to everyone as the Moon in our chart governs our [mind or] thoughts . For women it governs our cycles. When I was new to spirituality I used to look forward to using the different moon phases to manifest what I want. Now I'm more intentional about manifesting what's right for me daily through my actions. It's like the saying if you stay ready you won't have to get ready lol.

So yesterday I was asked if I was available to babysit today. I knew why [energetically] this came about. For one, I have planets transiting my 4th house which is the natural home of the sign Cancer so my 4th house has been activated for some time now. Two, I've been working on connecting more deeply to my divine feminine in all ways. As per my request opportunities for growth are showing up in my life left and right. I'm truly grateful for the ability to be in this flow so I wanted to share a few things that I've learned regarding new moon transits especially in Cancer.

  • Emotions are high. Cancers are tough on the outside and sensitive on the inside by design. The sign of Cancer rules the home and gets a bad name for being overly emotional since it's a watery sign. The externally hard nature can get in the way of being afraid to be vulnerable. And fear only creates more fear. So if you step out of your comfort zone you will attract more vulnerability in others so a true connection can happen. Let it start with you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  • You may want nurturing from a maternal figure or a mate but you may be called into service. For example, you could be expecting to reconnect with your mother but the universe might send you a child to look after (like I shared earlier) or a sibling that you may need to soften your heart for in order to heal the connection. You may even be presented with a situation where you may need to nurture your mother instead; or gain insight through a dream as to why she may not be healed enough to nurture you.

  • Be open to receive. If you are manifesting a relationship during this time be open to the idea that you may meet someone unlike the "type" that you would normally go for. Trust that your Creator knows who to send and affirm all is well.

  • No matter what operate from your higher self. You are more protected that way. Don't use "magic' to manipulate or teach someone a lesson. This is based on a post I saw earlier that I saw btw. I've also seen YouTubers with content like "How to Make Him Regret Leaving You" *Face Palm* if someone is not into you move on because if Spirit closed the door then let it be.

If you are intentionally using your energy to manifest anything let it be someone or something that is in alignment with where you're going. When you do things that can be considered "dark" you open yourself up to things that you don't want.

With all of that being said, Happy New Moon my Divine Sistars.

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Anusa is an avid reader and loves to write. When she is not studying, or talking about astrology you can find her out and about in NYC with her family. 

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