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Retrograde Planets

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Saturn is now in retrograde. This is not the first time Saturn is retrograde but my first time being aware of what this retrograde transit is. The trigger for me was a few days before this transit I went into isolation mode. I was overwhelmed with thoughts about my relationship with my parents and the structure of my childhood.

Retrograde planets encourage us to internalize specific areas of our life.

What Is A Retrograde

A retrograde is a symbolic period when a planet appears to move backward due to the speed of the planet at the time. From the observer's perspective, this optical illusion is like two cars on a highway going in the same direction. The slower car will appear to slow down or move backward.

Also, note that the retrogrades happen in stages. Before a planet goes retrograde it becomes stationary, retrograde, and then forward. Each phase or speed alters the energy.

Different Planets have different lengths and themes so naturally, the retrogrades will highlight these themes.

  • Mercury retrogrades every 3-4 months; approximate length 3 weeks

  • Mars retrogrades every 2 years; approximate length 11 weeks

  • Venus retrogrades every 18 months; approximately length 40 days

  • Jupiter retrogrades every year; approximate length 4 months

  • Saturn retrogrades every year; approximate length 4-5 months

Retrogrades are highly potent, and reflective, and also can cause confusion in the area we are redirected in. Moreover, the intense concentration is a gift and helps to extract the lesson the retrograde planet brings. Since Saturn was my motivation for this post I have to add that Saturn makes you work for any and everything. Saturn's energy is usually feared. I know I felt some type of way about it initially because of all the bitterness associated with Saturn. As I write this, maybe I am a bit naive in my understanding of him but knowing the mythology of the planets makes them more relatable. Furthermore, I know that at the core of the most challenging energies, there is a softness. When you come to this understanding in your own time you'll know that it is all to build you up. So in the meantime try to resist the urge to fight against it.

Much more can be said about retrogrades, the planets, and their effects. It seems that the more I learn I realize that there is more to learn. Astrology is vast, informative, and calming too in a sense because it helps to know why a particular experience is happening. For me that takes the sting away a bit.


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Anusa is an avid reader and loves to write. When she is not studying, or talking about astrology you can find her out and about in NYC with her family. 

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