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Sound Bath Healing

Updated: May 4, 2023

Out of the five elements sound [ether] is the highest frequency. Therefore sound healing helps you to relax so you can allow your deepest healing to take place. The body wants to heal and can heal if we get out of our own way. Perhaps you might drift off to sleep during your session and that's ok.

Benefits of a sound bath:

Sound clears energy. Sound is primordial and precedes light. And sound can be used as a tool in energy medicine. When we allow ourselves to be still and listen, during for instance a sound bath you can reach deep meditative states. As the sound touches every part of your body, penetrating your skin, cells and every layer of your subtle bodies the resonance pulls everything back together. And in that way healing can occur. As you relax and your stress levels decrease your immune system can focus on repair. Multiple sessions and other opportunities for restoration will provide optimal results.

The brain is very responsive to particular sounds. Sound can balance both hemispheres of the brain. Sound affects the body through altering brain waves. Brain waves are oscillation [up 7 down or back & forth motion] that carry energy. Brain waves or these electrical pulses change with your thoughts and behaviors. The number of waves that pass a fixed point is called frequency is measured in hertz - Hz. There are 5 brain waves states that are measured in speed called hertz and are as follows:

  1. Gamma: 31-100 Hz - are the fastest and used for activities such as problem solving, high level activities such as joy and excitement

  2. Beta: 16-30 Hz- active brain waves that dominate the normal activities during wakefulness

  3. Alpha: 8-15 Hz -calm, relaxed yet alert state- daydreaming; first stage of meditation

  4. Theta: 4-7 Hz -deep meditation state/ relaxation and, REM sleep

  5. Delta: 0.1-3 Hz- deep, dreamless sleep; suspended awareness, healing and regeneration are stimulated in this state, contact with universal and divine energy

Each organ in your body resonates at a specific frequency. Similarly, the chakras, the subtle energy centers of the body help to absorb energy as well as be an interface for communicating energy to others and the environment. Each chakra attunes to a specific note as follows:

  1. C

  2. D

  3. E

  4. F

  5. G

  6. A

  7. B

During a sound bath:

I invite you to experience the benefits of a sound bath. You can visit a local studio, practitioner or listen in the comfort of your home.

  • Set your intention to listen with awareness

  • Lay on a mat or a flat surface

  • Cover yourself with a blanket. The weight of the blanket helps to ground you even more.

  • Close your eyes (optional- place a light blindfold over your eye) and immerse yourself in the sound

  • Follow the sound as it travels

  • Notice where you feel the notes resonating within your chakras focus on your breath

  • If possible tune out distractions and stay with the musical notes

If you own sound healing tools, optional ways to enhance your sound bath experience are:

  • Hold crystals in each palm and or place crystals on your body or near your body along your chakras or in grids

  • Place a singing bowl preferably one that will not shatter if it falls on your abdomen

  • Have a practitioner hold a bowl over your body from feet to crown and back down

  • Place your feet in a large singing bowl

  • Charge your water with your singing bowl

Himalayan singing bowls are often used for sound healing and sound baths. Smaller singing bowls are generally less expensive and can be kept on a small nightstand or travel with you. Larger bowls depending on material can cost hundreds of dollars and can be placed on various parts of your body during a sound bath. However you do not need to place the bowls on your body to experience the magic.

Other soothing sound healing tools include:

  • Gongs

  • Ocean drum

  • Rain stick

  • Tuning forks

  • Tibetan bell

  • Flute

  • Mantra

Additionally invite good vibes or chi into your space is with wind chimes. Hang them above a window or door in the air location in your home according to Vastu arrangements.


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Anusa is an avid reader and loves to write. When she is not studying, or talking about astrology you can find her out and about in NYC with her family. 

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