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Get Started With Crystals: Tips For Activating Crystals

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Crystals resonate on the Earth's most primal energy since they come from the Earth itself. We can work with their properties to support and heal our physical and emotional needs.


I used to buy crystals, take them home the same day, and wear them. Nothing is wrong with that per se; working with crystals is a collaborative healing effort. So you can help your crystal help you by activating it for the best outcome.

Crystals work best when they are on your body. The second best is when they are placed in a room or space that you are in. An enormous crystal in your space will cover more area and put out more energy than a smaller crystal.

Clearing And Charging Crystals

To properly cleanse a crystal, it's important to determine its hardness. This will help you avoid any potential damage such as cracks or dissolving in water. Consult the Mohs scale to find the hardness score. Be cautious not to use water or salt on crystals with a score lower than 7.

Options for clearing crystals are:

  • Holding it in sage smoke

  • Burying it in soil

  • Washing it with water

  • Placing it near other cleansing crystals

When/ How To Activate Crystals

It is recommended to cleanse your crystals the night before and wear them during the first hour of the day, as demonstrated in the Sunday example. Each planet follows the Sun's rise in accordance with the day, meaning that after sunrise on Thursday, Jupiter will be the first planet to rule the hour following sunrise. At that time, a crystal for Jupiter can be activated.

  1. Set your intention.

  2. Meditate with the crystal.

  3. Chant the mantra associated with the planet or crystal 108 times.

Generally, to activate the jewelry, wear it on the day of the week that corresponds to that energy; for example, a Sunstone for the Sun or your Solar Plexus can be activated on Sunday or a Tuesday as Mars rules Tuesday, etc. Also, it helps to wear your crystal on the corresponding left or right side.

  • Left controls lunar qualities. Wear cooling crystals and gems on the left wrist to receive; the setting also affects the output,

  • Right controls solar qualities. Wear warming crystals and gems on the left wrist for giving.

  • Wear it close to the chakra or gland that needs stimulation, i.e., around the neck for the throat chakra, in your pocket for the root chakra, or onyx at your feet during sleep.

Metals For Setting Crystals

You can place crystals in your pocket, in a pouch, etc. that is up to you. If you are wearing a wrapped crystal, the setting also affects the output. Some settings or metals may not be ideal for everyone. Therefore, Anything you wear should enhance your energy and not deplete it.

  • Gold- is an amplifier. It has the healing benefits of the sun.

  • White gold- has less heating than gold. White gold is an energy conductor as well

  • Silver- is more cooling in nature due to its lunar qualities. It helps to strengthen the blood, balance emotions, and fights bacteria, viruses, and fungus. Silver was used to store water and wine in ancient times

  • Copper has healing properties. Our ancestors used copper to destroy viruses and bacteria. Ayurveda recommends storing your water in copper vessels.

When wearing crystals and gems, coordinate the type of crystal/ gem with the planet ruling the day as follows unless otherwise instructed by your spiritual guide.






Ruby, Sunstone



Pearl, moonstone



Red Coral






Yellow Sapphire



Diamond, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz



Blue Sapphire

Consider crystal groupings; some crystals work best together just like certain elements complement the Quartz each other.

Note: Some crystals or gems should not be used for prolonged use. As always, do your research to know what is right for you.

Also, know your placements, as not all crystals and gems are suitable for everyone, even though they come from the Earth. If you notice adverse effects, i.e., becoming more accident-prone after using a crystal, discontinue use as other options are available. Safety first.

Storing Crystals

This is a matter of preference. The only thing is some crystals can withstand direct sunlight, and others prefer a darker environment. Crystals can be moody, just like plants, since they are living. You will know where to place them and when to switch things up.

Whether you wear your crystals daily or store them, they must be cleansed since they absorb energy all day. As you care for your crystals, they will care for you.

For more about crystals, read this.


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