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Self + Study Saturdays

*re-starting July 2023!

Self- Study Classes are a way to dive deeper into various lifestyle themes and topics among your circle of sisters. 


Join us to gain insight from holistic influencers and put into practice safe ways to release the old and welcome the new. If you're ready to release, restore + reconnect to your true nature then meet us in class. 

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Your mind, memories and emotions  play a big part in how you process, function & create.  As we let go of the ego stuff that keeps us distracted we embrace the present and live intentionally from a conscious + heart centered space. 



You are not the body. You are a Spirit in a body experiencing this physical realm through your body and all of your senses.  When we know how to shift from body identity to Spirit identity we start to see the world and our experiences through a Spiritual lens.



Your Spirit is already whole and permanent. Your Soul is the part of you that experiences life time after life time for the 'soul' purpose of experience.  When you are in tune and on purpose you know how to create the conditions for the change you wish to see.

Singing Bowl

Weekly Offerings

What Stories Do You Tell Yourself?

We base our actions on our thoughts and feelings about ourselves. Our thoughts or the stories we tell ourselves either bind us to an unpleasant reality or liberate us. Our weekly Self- Study Classes support you with unpacking disruptive thoughts, affirming your commitment to Truth & reclaiming your power. 


Bring your tea and your journal... you can sit with us. 

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