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Exploring one's own identity and navigating relationships and sexuality can be a sensitive and vulnerable process.

It's crucial to have a safe and supportive environment where you can feel at ease while you cultivate fulfilling relationships of all kinds.


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Identify your attachment style so you can disrupt any programming that is a barrier to an authentic connection.

Our early attachment style is the foundation that we build our current relationships on. 


"In Dagara culture, water is a key element in conflict resolution because of it's reconciling, unifying and peaceful qualities. In any ritual a lot of water is required in order for people to be brought back to a still place, to a place of alignment and serenity.."

~ Sobunfu Some



The Grass Is 
Greener Where 
You Water It

Be gentle with yourself. You are still learning.

I had the wrong idea of what a healthy union was. However the decision to NOT continue to make the same mistakes after I realized my patterns turned everything around.



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