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Hello Old Friend: Venus Retrograde

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Venus retrograde will give many of us an opportunity to revisit some of the relationship contracts that we've made

While contracts sound impersonal, we make them daily through our choices and agreements.

And most agreements are made in the domain of Venus. For example, you go to work because you want to get paid. You eat sweets because you want to satisfy a craving. You call someone because you want to talk. And when it comes to relationships, agreements are made or the relationship would not exist.

Venus Retrograde Dates

A retrograde planet in a natal chart shows past life karma associated with the planet. However during a transit the effects lasts for a specific amount of time and everyone can be tested.

This retrograde will consist of some back-and-forth energy between the watery sign of Cancer and the firey sign of Leo. Here are the dates for the Venus retrograde transits for future reference:

  • July 23 - Venus in Leo

  • August 7th back in Cancer

  • September 3 goes direct

Return Of The Ex

In a practical sense, fire and water are opposing energies, but that doesn't mean one can not benefit from the other. The awareness of the energies at play work makes a big difference in balancing this interpersonal and intrapersonal conflict. So, a transit like this can be an opportunity to put things in the proper perspective so we can do something from a higher order this time.

Venus is naturally associated with beauty, luxury, wealth, and relationships. The placements of Cancer and Leo will indicate where we will revisit a particular theme.

One thing that is very common when Venus is retrograde is the return of the exes. While it is okay to want to give and receive love, how you go about it is a part of why I am writing this. This will be a time to rethink those experiences and desires that may re-enter our lives.

Moreover, some will say you should not have desires or need anything- as you evolve higher, you'll find you "need" less. Still, a connection is a natural desire. So, desire is not wrong. It means you are alive... The world was created out of desire. Desire is the reason you are here now.

Each day is a chance to reshape our ideas of desire and our needs. Therefore, each day is a choice to welcome growth.

Your growth will happen in stages. Your elevation is not meant to make you hard; it is intended to allow you to open up and be okay with endless possibilities, even if that means endings. For some, endings will occur, as well as new beginnings. Either way, your growth will show you the difference between looking for love and being prepared to love. When you are at peace, present, and allowing, what you want will show up, and you'll know exactly what to do with it.

When you are prepared to love, you are grounded in who you are and know that love is always present. You are more prepared to give than receive because you know you are enough. In a suitable space, your offering will be multiplied.

Venus will teach you some things. Venus can give you what you want and a lot of it. So, there is nothing wrong with having needs or desires. The task is to be more aware of what you agree to.

You Are The Common Thread

It will always come back to you. You are the common thread in any relationship, so it is worth getting to know you and your core beliefs. Do the hard but necessary work to get to those deep-rooted conditions. Heal the relationship cords so that you do not have to keep coming back. Address what was or is [currently] affecting your ability to attract, maintain, and thrive.

As "humans," we naturally desire comfort and pleasure. Finding these positive experiences from the right source can help us feel healed and complete. But when our desire for pleasure leads us to make choices that devalue ourselves, we end up paying for it in some way later.

  • What are you choosing to indulge in?

  • Is it adding value or reducing your life force?

  • Are you showing up as you expect others to?

  • Are you making agreements from a space of wholeness, presence, or lack?

  • Where do you need balance?

Consider this: Are your contracts aligned with what is suitable for you? Your answers will help you decide what to do going forward. Consider this an opportunity to reconsider why we've made certain agreements in the past and the possibility of choosing differently in the future. Lean into this cosmic alignment with an open mind to 'do life' more mindfully, heart-centered, and a little better.

In other words, accept the cosmic offering.

Be well.


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Anusa is an avid reader and loves to write. When she is not studying, or talking about astrology you can find her out and about in NYC with her family. 

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