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Nourishing Your Body: Cycle Syncing And Nutrition For Hormonal Balance

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

During your sacred cycle through the month, your body is going through rapid changes. You can stabilize these changes by loving and understanding your body from the beginning to the end of your cycle.

I think many of us didn't have a talk or a detailed talk about what happens to our bodies as we mature through life. So here is a beginner-friendly post that will hopefully help you prepare for your moon and stay in sync throughout your cycle.

You may or may not know that your period or moon usually starts a new cycle every 28 days. You track the first day of your cycle, beginning on the day of your first sight of blood. If your cycle is "regular," you will cycle through a series of phases where your energy levels will wax and wane like the moon. And suppose you were not aware of details regarding your moon. In that case, we can do between now and then to improve our lifestyles, especially during our menstrual cycle, which will make a tremendous difference in our overall well-being. I just learned about my body in more detail over the last few years. And I wondered why certain things would happen with my energy. When I started tracking in more detail and studying, I learned there was a name for it. So it's never too late to learn something new, especially about yourself.

"Cycle syncing" involves tuning into your body's natural rhythm

Your self-care during your cycle now affects how your body adjusts to later life changes during menopause.

Unfortunately, girls are beginning to menstruate earlier in life, which can indicate the onset of menopause at an earlier age. So, anything we can do between now and then to improve our lifestyles, especially during our menstrual cycle, will make a tremendous difference in our overall well-being.

Based on your dosha [Ayurvedic constitution] type, you may experience more or less discomfort right before and during your cycle. You have all the constitutions at various levels, so 1-2 may be more dominant. The following suggestions may be helpful in the future.

  • Vata-type women tend to have more irregular cycles, constipation, cramping, irregular sleep, anxiety, and or mood swings

  • Pitta-dominant women tend to have heavier cycles with more headaches, irritability, and skin irruptions

  • Kapha-dominant women tend to have more regular cycles but tend to have more lethargy and swelling

Note: I did not add the number of timelines below since every woman's menstrual phase length varies. And some women bleed for less than 1-3 days.

cycle syncing

Menstrual Phase

This is considered phase one. Your hormone levels drop. This is your winter phase, where you are shedding and needing to stay warm and ground yourself. Go inward, take a nap or some me time, is considered, and don't feel guilty about it.

  • Reduce caffeine. Replenish yourself with warm, grounding foods, iron-rich foods, dark leafy greens, avocados, etc. Tea such as red raspberry or chamomile may be helpful at this time.

  • Add essential oils such as clary sage ylang ylang to your diffuser, and a body massage with warm oil may be helpful

  • Movements such as yin yoga, restorative yoga, and walking can be what you need to soothe your nerves and relax your body.

Follicular Phase

This is considered phase two. You are at pre-egg release. You may have more energy around this time and feel more productive or creative. This is your spring phase. You are now externalizing and moving toward your light.

  • Support yourself with light foods, lentils, and teas; any supplements you take regularly should suffice. Add sprouts to your diet

  • Movements such as cardio or higher-intensity workouts and orgasms may be more interesting at this time

Ovulation Phase

This is considered the third phase and your most fertile phase. It is your summer phase, where your energy and sex levels may peak. Your skin may be glowing, your breasts may be fuller, and you may feel yourself due to hormonal attention. Your libido is naturally high, and your energy level is pretty high.

  • Support yourself with greens, fruits, and seeds; any supplements you take regularly should suffice.

  • Movements such as cardio or higher intensity workouts, i.e., HIIT and orgasms, may be more interesting at this time

Luteal Phase

This is considered phase four. You are at post-egg release. This is your fall phase. You are body is preparing for another release. Energy levels may be low. Estrogen levels drop. You may be experiencing PMS at this time. You are transitioning towards internal needs again and preparing by nesting. Declutter your space and reflect

  • Support yourself with greens, fruits, and seeds; any supplements you take regularly should suffice.

  • Add lemongrass to your bath for bloating associated with PMS

  • Movement such as yoga, pilates, walking

Absence Of Menstruation

This can indicate several things. However, some herbs can restart or regulate menstrual activity if necessary. Some women are healthy and have little to no bleeding during menstrual. And some women suffer from leukorrhea in between periods. All factors must be considered individually for the appropriate remedy.

Feminine Care Products

It's essential to be mindful of what you consume, apply to your skin, and use in your yoni, as it can benefit or impact your well-being. It's wise to choose products that are safer options and avoid those that may require extra effort for your body to maintain balance. Ultimately, it's a matter of personal choice, but being aware of potential risks is essential.

The safest feminine care options are menstrual cups and unscented sanitary napkins. While convenient, tampons pose a high risk of infection and shock to your body due to the reabsorption of decaying tissue and the promotion of unhealthy growth cells in your uterus. However, if you choose to use tampons please avoid overnight use.

cycle syncing

Pain Management

Everyone has a different threshold for pain, and the same thing may not suggest to you. So a few supports that work most of the time include:

  • Staying hydrated

  • Add lemon to your water to aid with the detoxification process

  • Use a heating pad. Or eucalyptus compress - add a few drops of oil to the area, stomach, back, and breast, then add a warm towel over the area to help the oil penetrate the skin faster to relax the tissue, and add a layer of plastic wrap

Things Not To Do On Your Moon

Your yoni is your business. This is a sacred time, and your body is doing what it does to cleanse and prepare you for what's next in your feminine journey.

For more information, check out these resources...

Recommend Books:

African Holistic Health

by Dr. Llaila Afrika

The Physiological Enigma Of Woman by Raymond W. Bernard


Ayurveda And Female Health with Dr. Lad and Alicia Diaz

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cycle syncing


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