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The 3 Types Of Karma

Updated: Apr 15

I used to think karma was only for people that deserved it. Karma is actually based on cause and effect so karma means action.

Everything that you do and don't do has an effect as well. For example, if you neglect your health or see something but don't speak up.

When we reincarnate the karma that we experience in this lifetime is a combination of actions based on previous lifetimes or incarnations and this lifetime. That's why it's hard to know what you did and who you did it to when your memory will only allow you to go back but so far. Still, every action taken is stored in the akashic records so amnesia or not what needs attention or to be remedied will show up in order to evolve.

3 types of Karma

According to Sanathana Dharma- Indian Philosophy, karma has been explained using the following terms. As a student of astrology I found these descriptions to be helpful in understanding why we study ourselves. And the importance of being responsible for living a life filled with light. When you consider that everything was a thought before it was manifested and that everything in the universe is interconnected- universal karma, you can see how you play a role within this cause and effect dynamic. The question is what will you choose to contribute to the universal pool of energy?

Sanchita Karma are the actions that we have taken in previous lives. This is the sum total of all of our thoughts, actions or deeds both good and bad that is stored in the akashic records. These previous actions can not be undone.

Prarabha Karma is our present karma. This is the karma that are experiencing today, in this lifetime, etc. This karma can not be changed.

Kriyamana Karma is the karma that we can create using our will. Therefore, knowing that the choices we make today will eventually become a part of our pending karma going forward that awareness is what we draw on to make better choices as often as possible. This kind of karma is what we can focus on to free us up as today will one day be yesterday.

Since we know that nothing is by coincidence i.e the things we are drawn to, the parents we have, the way we parent our children, our mates and friendships were once karmic seeds, for me that is a cause for a pause. Like it is mind blowing when I think that for my children to be here my grandparents had to be a thought. Or for me to live in my home someone had to think to build it.

Again, karma is based on cause and effect so some actions are a credit. For example, there are some people in your life that are easier to get along with than others. or the promotion that you got, or the kind gesture that you got from a stranger.

In essence, the effects of karma can be likened to throwing a pebble in a lake. Once thrown the pebble will cause a ripple effect. The heavier the pebble or rock the bigger the ripple will be or the further the ripple can go. Therefore some actSo the more weighted the action, the heavier the reaction will be and can possibly take longer to be resolved. And sometimes the resolution will span through out multiple lifetimes.

Still using the pebble example, we can not un-throw a pebble. We can think twice about throwing a pebble to begin with and that is what mindfulness can do.

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Anusa is an avid reader and loves to write. When she is not studying, or talking about astrology you can find her out and about in NYC with her family. 

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