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Harnessing The Healing Properties: Discover The Benefits Of Yoni Eggs

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Grab your tea. Let's talk...

Yoni eggs are a sensual and feminine way to reconnect to your womb and your heart space.

However, yoni eggs may not be for everyone... That's the disclaimer. If you are interested in using yoni eggs, they are a very intimate way to help build your pelvic muscles, strengthen your bladder, and build more intense orgasms.

To be clear yoni eggs or wearing any gems or crystals are unnecessary for spiritual growth. However, crystals and gems have existed for billions of years since they formed the Earth's womb. When used safely and correctly they offer an additional healing benefit to the wearer.

Choosing The Right Size

When it comes to Yoni eggs, there are three different sizes available. Many women prefer to begin with a larger size and gradually work down to a smaller option as they become more comfortable. You can stick with one size or experiment with a medium or small egg.

Additionally, each size is available, either drilled or non-drilled. If you opt for a drilled egg, small holes are added to allow a string to be used when removing the egg after use.

Not all crystals are suitable for use near or inside your yoni. Certified crystals are best, so you are sure you use natural crystals. If you are not sure which yoni egg to start with, consider the following options:

  • Rose Quartz will work on your heart chakra and invite self-love.

  • Clear quartz has a healing effect

  • Green Aventurine is a heart healer and harmonizer

  • Green Jade to awaken sexual energy, fertility, and balancing fluid in the body

  • Amethyst to balance your physical, mental, and emotional bodies

  • Black obsidian to detox sexual trauma

Cleaning & Maintenance

You can cleanse your yoni egg as you would cleanse any other crystal. Wash your yoni egg with warm water and feminine soap to clean it thoroughly before and after practice. I would boil it. If you go this route, be sure to put the egg in at the beginning, and if you happen to see any cracks in your egg, replace it or use it for anything other than your practice. Right before you insert it, hold it in the palm of your hand close to your heart and set your intention.

After cleansing and charging your yoni egg, you are ready for practice.

After using your yoni egg, I would recommend storing it in a sacred place where it will be free from others handling it, collecting dust, or unwanted energy.

Inserting Your Yoni Egg

The time you choose to work with your yoni egg is up to you. Creating a consistent practice for a few weeks will help you connect to yourself. Make your practice sacred/ Make it a ritual. Sage or clear your space and get into the mindset you need to receive the energy you are working with before you begin.

  • Start in a squatting position

  • Insert your egg with clean fingers, upside down first [from the rounded end], and allow your body to draw it up and in.

  • If necessary, use lubrication to allow for easier insertion.

  • When ready to release your yoni egg, gently bare down [in a squat position] and push it out. If you have a string attached to it, gently pull the string. Sometimes, your yoni egg will let you know when your practice is done because it will come out on its own.

Yoni Egg Exercises & Practice

While using your yoni egg, enhance your experience with meditation or a mindfulness practice like journaling with your yoni eggs. Some women use it during intimate moments. Some choose to sleep with them to activate dreams.

For kegel practice:

  • With your yoni egg in, do a few rounds of Kegels by pulling up your pelvic floor muscles, sitting or laying flat

  • As you inhale, pull up

  • As you exhale, release your muscles

  • Aim for a few minutes with each practice

Where To Buy Yoni Eggs

I have purchased from Ashley's Naturals. You can connect with her family-run business or find a shop you trust and feel comfortable supporting. I would also recommend going to a crystal shop and buying a certified crystal for the best quality and properties.

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