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The Significance Of Mercury In Your Birth Chart: Insights Into Communication And Intellect

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

I talk a lot about Venus and the Moon on this site, but none of this would be possible without Mercury.

Mercury In Astrology

Mercury is always located close to the Sun. It can be found in the same sign, the sign before, or the sign after. Mercury is responsible for communication, learning, and assimilating information from our environment and others in various ways. Known as the "Messenger of the Gods," Mercury is one of the nine Grahas that influence your experience here on Earth. It is considered a neutral sign and takes on the qualities of the planet it is near.


The symbol for mercury is a cross with a circle on top and an ark above the circle. Combined, this sacred geometry represents manifestation, wholeness, and liberation.

Significance In Astrology

Mercury has rulership of two signs in the zodiac- Gemini and Virgo. The symbolism for Gemini shows an exchange of information, goods, resources, etc. that go from one source to another. Virgo's representation takes us back inward to assess what is pure, where we give into Maya, and why.

Placement In Different Houses & Zodiac Signs

Whether you have placements in these signs in your natal chart, these areas of life are still active. As a collective, when Mercury transits any one of the 12 houses, we tend to experience what that transit brings in one form or another in different areas of our lives.

Mercury significantly influences various aspects of life, including finance, communication, intellect, research, arms, hands, lungs, skin, and the nervous system. If Mercury is strongly placed in your birth chart, it can enhance your ability to comprehend life experiences.

Wherever Mercury is placed should not be considered good or bad. Consider your placement as the energy that you have available to you. How you use said energy depends on your will and level of understanding at the time.

Mercury In Numerology

Individuals born on the 5th, 14th, or 23rd of any month, or those with Mercury in a difficult position, may encounter communication, nerve, or other health issues related to Mercury-ruled body parts.

Balancing Mercurial Energy

To balance your mercurial energy, you need to understand how Mercury functions in your life. Please consider the following:

  • How do you typically convey your thoughts and feelings daily?

  • Do you tend to rely more on your emotions or your intellect?

  • Are you proficient in speaking multiple languages, or do you struggle with speech impediments such as stuttering or repeating certain sounds?

  • Also, how do you view your relationship with money?

Harnessing Mercury Energy

Vedic Astrology suggests updates that translate to remedies. Remedies can be helpful because you need all of the energy available to you to function at an optimal level. You can help yourself improve in specific areas by incorporating a few practices. These practices can help strengthen the expression of Mercury in your chart, but keep in mind that when you "strengthen" it, it will be stronger and still function within duality.

For more individualized and advanced healing remedies, request a consultation to see what practices will benefit you the most.

For general support to improve your ability to make decisions, manage nervousness, improve sleep, etc., you may consider the following:

  • Breathing- Your body requires oxygen to function. Intentional breathing exercises work by promoting the circulation of prana. Therefore, controlled breathing will increase the activity from one cell to another. As a result, your body will improve, as well as your intelligence.

  • Rest- quality rest allows your brain and body to regenerate itself. So healthy sleep habits can improve many areas of your life in a big way.

  • Movement- specifically movement that crosses the midline of your body; and whenever possible, use your non-dominant hand that will help you be more flexible in your thoughts since mercury is about dialogue

  • Improve your study habits- That means quality over quantity. If you are studying for many hours, overstimulation can have adverse effects. Break your study habits up to improve processing and retain memory

  • Color Therapy- The color green is associated with the planet Mercury. Wear the color green, using green light or shades, and add plants to your home. This will bring in more of the green element as well as purify the air in your space

  • Mantra- the best remedy for mercury is to chant a mantra since Mercury deals with your throat chakra and sound. The vibration of the chant will pull things back together respectively. If you don't know which mantra to use, Om "Aum" is very powerful.

  • Talk fast- communication through the exchange of ideas connects us to others. Silence connects us to God. Therefore, through pause and stillness, we can strengthen this faculty.

As students of astrology, we know that this science takes lifetimes of study. For those new to this, starting with the basics and implementing our discoveries through trial and error helps us navigate our experiences.


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Anusa is an avid reader and loves to write. When she is not studying, or talking about astrology you can find her out and about in NYC with her family. 

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