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Edgar Cayce The Sleeping Giant

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Edgar Cayce was one of the first mystics that I came across when I went down the rabbit hole of past life memories .

Edgar Cayce channeled his messages during hypnotic, trance hence the name "The Sleeping Giant". During many sessions, Cayce outlined a series of lifetimes that included names, dates, locations and the underlying karma of each incarnation. He also disclosed the lifetime that had the greatest effect, as well as how the present was a continuation. He encouraged his clients to use their free will to choose differently so past dynamics could come to a resolution. From experiences like this, we surmise that all families or soul groups are intentionally drawn together for the purpose of helping each individual become better- even if it is through challenges.

"An underlying premise in the Edgar Cayce readings, is that individuals, who have a strong emotional feeling toward one another – positively or negatively – generally have karmic memory that constantly influences their present relationship."- Edgar Cayce on Reincarnation And Family Karma

There was a psychiatrist named Ian Stevenson who was known for his reincarnation and NDE [near death experience] research. He researched over three thousand cases throughout his forty years of fieldwork. He found substantial data that validated accounts of the past lives of children. His data suggested that emotions, memories and even physical bodily features can pass from one incarnation to another. He also concluded that certain abilities, phobias and even illnesses could be linked to past lives as well. So this could explain, for example, if someone fell off a horse and bruised their leg in a past life, in this life they could have a birthmark or pain in that area of the body at birth. To go further, there could even be an 'unexplained', fear or phobia of horses that may become apparent later.

History can and will repeat itself depending on what you do going forward. Innately, you know when you need to do something or stop doing something. Still, nothing goes unnoticed as all spiritual beliefs systems have checks and balances. In Ancient Kemet there is the judgment scene on temple walls of the heart being weighed against a feather. In Sanatana Dharma [Hinduism], Yama assesses the deeds of departed souls. Even if you are an Atheist you know there are man's laws and the laws of nature which maintain balance through cause and effect.

In essence, time and creation are truly cyclical. No matter what faith you subscribe to- or not, the premise is the same. What you do today affects your tomorrow and possibly your next lifetime. Our ancestors knew why we needed to live in accordance with Divine order and why we needed a strong will to do it.


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Anusa is an avid reader and loves to write. When she is not studying, or talking about astrology you can find her out and about in NYC with her family. 

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