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Sacred Beginnings: Embracing The Spiritual Significance Of Bringing New Life Into The World

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

If I knew what I'm sharing now, I would've had different experiences carrying my children, labor, and delivery.


Children are returning ancestors who choose parents based on resonating frequencies.

The lifestyle before you conceive determines the energy of your future children. Our Ancient ancestors knew the best time to conceive and knew beforehand the work the returning ancestors intended to do in the world. Today, we are not as in touch with our traditions as before. You attract the being that is ready to come through. So here are a few things that strengthen your ability to conceive high-frequency beings.

Eat Right For Your Baby Before Pregnancy

Your body is the vessel that will carry a strong child, physically, mentally and spiritually. Your diet provides sustenance for your baby and affects their preferences after birth.

Aim To Keep Your Hormones In Check

Stress can negatively impact fertility, and its effects may not be immediately apparent. However, before pregnancy and whenever possible, we can strive to manage and regulate our stress levels.

To combat stress, maintain your self-care routines. Create opportunities for more genuine connections and laughter, connecting with nature.

Avoid events, people, places, and things that cause you to be alert whenever possible. Strive to Keep your cortisol or adrenal glands from firing because your body thinks you are in danger every time your stress levels rise. Negative imagery and the rise and fall of emotions affect your offspring's quality. Children can be born extremely stressed and, in some cases, congenital disabilities due to prenatal experiences such as violence [even in movies], loss, emotional imbalances, etc., and sedentary if the mother or father experienced any of these things during pregnancy.

At conception, the father's mindset also contributes to your child's creation. Conception is very much the fusion of the personality coming into being based on the collective energy that created it.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise and stretching give your body the flexibility and conditioning needed for childbirth. Some of us have sedentary lifestyles, which restrict us more when we are with children. So, when you are active before pregnancy, presumably, you can maintain an active lifestyle, provided you do not have other health issues.

Read Spiritual Texts

We looked at diet and exercise; let's consider how we can enhance the ether element of your child.

We know that reading increases your intelligence, and pregnant women who read to their babies in the womb had more alert and responsive children. What you read is equally important. Exposing your unborn child to spiritual texts, mantras, and high-frequency sounds provides a spiritual framework that will activate in divine time.

In Conclusion

When carrying my youngest child, stress overwhelmed me, and I could not be present. Now, I prioritize healing and awareness to benefit future generations and bloodlines.

Once you gain knowledge, you can improve your actions as well.

Suggested Reading:

Imprints The Lifelong Effects Of The Birth Experience by Arthur Janov, Ph.D.

And that's all I have for you today. Thanks for reading this far! Tag a friend who needs to see this.



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Anusa is an avid reader and loves to write. When she is not studying, or talking about astrology you can find her out and about in NYC with her family. 

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