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7 Books For Your Spiritual Elevation

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

I literally live in a library.… And I love it here.

When I started my spiritual journey [more like became aware I was on one] I didn’t have a community. I had a few people here and there that put me on to certain things and for that, I will forever be grateful.

I thought I’d pay it forward here.

The first spiritual book I ever read was gifted. The rest of the books on this list came about when the universe saw fit to send them my way.

1. Ask and it is Given is based on the teachings of Abraham. It is one name for a collective of people that share how manifesting is a co-creative process.

2. Heal Thyself… back in my photography days pre- Covid, one of the makeup artists (a beautiful soul) and I were talking about spiritual mothers. The next thing I knew we were talking about Queen Afua. I don’t even remember what prompted that conversation but she said she had her book. The next time we got together she brought it for me. Before I finished the book I found Queen online and registered for her course. I put it on my calendar not knowing how I would pay for it. I just knew I was going.

3. Sacred Woman… is next because it was the book we used during the [Queen Afua's] Rites of Passage. It was a real journey into Afrikan Centered living.

4. The Spirit of Intimacy... this book made the list because you need it. That is all. The premise is based on Afrikan-centered relationships. This book shared the importance of Spirit being at the center of relationships; and what it looks like to cultivate real love- Divine love.

5. Reincarnation and Family Karma… gave detailed accounts of the lessons families came back to sort out in this incarnation. It makes you think about the lessons that you get to unpack with your family. This book is an example of how nothing is by coincidence. The more you overstand why certain things had to take place for your development the more you can begin to forgive and repair your relationships.

6. Ma'at the 11 Laws of God... this book has the least amount of pages compared to the rest on this list but in my opinion, it is the most impactful. If you’re melanated and looking for a complete system of integrated teaching then this is probably where you might want to start. Shekhem Ur Shekhem aka Ra Un Nefer Amen explains how to regain control of your facilities, meaning conquering your lower/ animal self and raising your consciousness to be more in tune with God. Each sphere on the Tree of Life is a world within itself that functions as a part of the whole. As you know by now, it will take many incarnations to learn the lessons you need to release you from your cycle of births. However, with the right tools and consistency you can get better at facing adversity.

7. The Healing Secrets of the Ages... Whew, Chile! This book told all my business. Everything manifests in the spiritual before the physical. The more we hold on to energy that no longer serves us the more physical harm we do to ourselves. Check it out for yourself and decide if you are ready to release so you can go forward.

Welp. That’s all folks. Take what you need and leave the rest.

I say this with love... Discipline and disciple have the same root word and while it’s easy to hoard information if you don't apply it, you will limit your growth; Or even worse block your blessings. And we don't have time for that. With that being said I trust that one of these books will resonate with you and you’ll be able to apply something from their pages to your life with grace.

If you have a suggestion please feel free to share ❤️.




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Anusa is an avid reader and loves to write. When she is not studying, or talking about astrology you can find her out and about in NYC with her family. 

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