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Begin Your Crystal Journey: Essential Books For Beginners

Crystals are believed to be living beings that offer numerous healing benefits. Their mystical nature can be captivating, leading one to delve deeper into their properties. To ensure we use crystals in ways that promote our well-being, the following two resource books are recommended as guides for interacting with their energy.


The Crystal Bible A Definitive Guide To Crystals by Judy Hall

This directory-style book lists crystals from A to Z, providing a concise yet thorough collection for easy reference and identification. It's a great resource for beginners or anyone seeking more knowledge about crystals and gems. Although it is small in size, it offers comprehensive information.


Colors And Crystals: A Journey Through The Chakras by Joy Gardner- Gordon

This book provides a comprehensive view of how our energy centers interact with the world and offers guidance on promoting self-healing through the use of crystals, chakras, and tarot. Despite being slim in comparison to the first suggestion, it is just as substantial.

So that's what I have for you today. If this was helpful please share it.


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These are phenomenal !!!! Thank you for sharing !

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