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Energy Clearing

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Energy clearing is a self-care practice that can immediately transform any space you are in. The following suggestions are quick ways to raise your vibration using simple tools and your intention.

"I am aligned with energies that heal my past and grow my future."

~ Unknown

What Are The Benefits Of Smudging?

Smudging is done using smoke from the fire. Fire has been a method of purification for centuries. As the smoke from the fire goes up, it clears out stagnant energy and bacteria as it travels. Smudging can be highly beneficial in removing toxins and boosting your mood.

When to consider clearing your energy?

  • When you have feelings of heaviness, or unsettled, etc.

  • When someone is unwell in your home

  • Before and after visitors leave your home

  • When you come inside from public places

  • Before moving into a new place

  • After receiving new or used items, packages, etc

  • Before and after energy work

  • Anytime you feel the need to

1. Sage

There are different varieties of sage; however, white sage, also known as California White Sage, is commonly used for cleansing and repelling negative energy. Sage/ smudge yourself from your feet to your crown [including hair]. When smudging bedrooms, wave your smudge stick in the closets and under the beds. Be sure to watch for falling ambers. Open the windows or doors for an exit and ventilation.

Say a smudging prayer or affirmation throughout to set the intention of what you want to leave the space and invite into your room.

2. Palo Santo

I love the smell of palo santo. Palo Santo, or Holy Wood, is for cleansing and inviting good vibes into your space. It has a very soothing effect and may be easier to handle than sage for some.

3. Frankincense & Myrrh

I like to burn frankincense coal and add Myrrh rocks [also called resin] on top in a fireproof burner. Nothing says don't touch anything like this combination after you clean your house, lol. It is best to place it in the center of the room or near a doorway. If you are not fond of this setup, incense in this blend is another option. Be sure to open the windows to clear out the smoke.

4. Use a Selenite wand

A pointed wand is best to direct the flow of energy. If you do not have a pointed wand, you can still use the selenite by hovering over all areas of your body [back and front] just like you would when using a sage bundle. If you used the selenite wand to clear energy on someone else, you could run your hands under cool water to disconnect afterward.

For best results, practice these self-care and energy-clearing rituals regularly. As you cleanse your aura and purify your space, you empower yourself through mindfulness practices. Thus bringing more resonance to all areas of your life.

For more self-care suggestions, read this post next.

Be well.


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Anusa is an avid reader and loves to write. When she is not studying, or talking about astrology you can find her out and about in NYC with her family. 

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