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Flower Essences: Understanding The Basics For Effective Selection

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Flower essences are generally safe for anyone to use. Flower essences can assist in transforming a variety of emotional, mental, and spiritual states by unlocking deep blockages.

flower essences

Flower essences are natural remedies that contain the energetic signature of a plant. Flower essences are mostly known as Bach Flower Essence remedies but can be purchased by other reputable vendors or made on your own.

How To Choose A Remedy?

There are so many different flower essences that it can be overwhelming to choose the right one.

Thankfully, there are multiple ways that you can choose the best fit for you without a practitioner. The first would be an intuitive approach. Ask yourself if a particular remedy is correct for you. Ask yourself what you are ready to let go of and select a remedy based on the keywords that resonate with your intention.

Another way to select a flower essence is through a muscle test [applied kinesiology].

  • If possible, stand [or sit] with your strongest arm extended out to the side with palms facing down.

  • Hold [with your less dominant arm/ hand] one of the selected flower essences

  • Have someone else push down on your extended arm [not forceful] at the wrist

  • If the extended arm does not lose strength, that can indicate a strong remedy for you. If your arm does lose strength then that may mean it may not be a helpful remedy for you [perhaps at this time]

  • Repeat these steps for each remedy that you are seeking support from

If you do not have assistance with the muscle test, conduct one alone. Hold the flower essence and ask if it will assist in what you are seeking to remedy. You will move forward or backward, even if it is a slight movement.

Or touch the tips of your thumb and index finger together on your left hand. Hook your index finger on the opposite hand, then ask your question. A Yes answer will not break the connection of your fingers, indicating "yes." A no answer will easily separate the link of your fingers, showing "no." These two approaches are similar to using a pendulum, which is also a viable option if you own one.

Additionally, specific placements will show deep-rooted blockages that need to be remedied before other issues can be addressed. Addressing those placements first may be beneficial so you can start with the correct flower remedy sooner.

How To Know If A Flower Essence Is Working Or Not

Some flower essences will work instantly. And some will work so subtly that you don't even notice they are working. Therefore, I suggest journaling or documenting your experiences while using your selected flower essence.

Note: Even if something seems trivial at the time of your journalling, if it comes to mind, write it down as it may be helpful in your journey at some point later.

You can stop using the remedy anytime to see if anything changes or if you no longer wish to continue working with it.

What do you think about flower essences? If you have a particular favorite, please share it in the comments.

flower essences


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