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6 Ways To Improve The Energy In Your Home

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Does your home feel like a home? Is your home a place of refuge or another place where you feel stressed? People make a home however some spaces just feel more warm and inviting than others.

You are the sacred space. You are the altar. Even though you are cultivating your mindset, you live in a world with other people. So if you want to create an intentional and inviting space here are a few ways to create that homely feel that invites peaceful connections for you and the people you live with.

1. Pairs

Work with pairs i.e two lamps on either side of the bed or couch, use two paintings, etc. Pairs are everywhere in nature and signify cooperation. The number two in numerology is associated with the Moon in astrology. Two energy is balanced and calming.

2. Flowers

Everyone admires a beautiful bouquet of flowers. But have you noticed that flowers are offered in rituals and kept in sacred spaces? Flowers hold elemental as well as spiritual properties that bring up the vibrational frequency of any space. So it is more than bringing the outside inside, it is enriching your home- your sacred space. White is the color associated with the planet Venus, however yellow, green or any color roses will invite more connection. Red [and pink] is on the warmer side of the spectrum and can bring a more passionate or energizing feel. Cooling colors are less stimulating and have a calming effect. Either way be intentional with your selection and any color or flower arrangement will add more life to any room and that can be the focus.

3. Textures

Invite a cozy and welcoming feeling with textures. Texture adds layers and softness visually and sensory-wise to your space. Otherwise, it could feel flat and sterile. Bring in different elements that mean something to you. When done well your space

will help you and others relax and relate.

4. Open The Windows

Natural light and fresh air naturally improve your mood. Even if it's just 5 minutes on a cold day let the air flow through. Open some windows to circulate fresh air and freshen your space. Regular dusting and maintenance help to keep the energy light as well. Bring in some homemade aromatherapy by spraying lemon water. Add lemon peels to a spray bottle with water. Spray using a fine mist. Or boil cinnamon by combining cinnamon [and orange peels] in a pot for 20 minutes. Your whole house smells like someone is baking lol]. I usually set a timer because I can easily walk away and forget.

5. Music

Music is a love language. I'm a fan of vinyl, but I have a playlist for everything on my phone. Music can be a mood-lifting alternative since sound is connected to the ether element. And we hear more low vibrational sounds that we become numb to. So even if you don't play music sounds i.e. wind chimes or a water fountain in your home can positively affect your mood.

6. Check In

What's on your mind? What went well for you today? If you check in and clear up anything lingering so it doesn't have a chance to build up.

As you create a balanced space and open communication your home will feel like a safe haven. You set the tone. You make the home. You can create the space for you and others to thrive in.


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Anusa is an avid reader and loves to write. When she is not studying, or talking about astrology you can find her out and about in NYC with her family. 

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